I enjoy influencing humans to have a healthy relationship with food.

My programs are tailored to create strong bonds between team members, while educating the pillars of healthy eating.

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Hey, I’m Israa!

I am a cooking enthusiast who is passionate about green and whole foods. I believe that nothing bring people together like good healthy food.

Health Talks

Designed for a wide range of audience, to cover the benefits of including green and whole foods in your daily intakes.

Food Demos

Showcasing a range of cooking techniques that can be used to aid making easy and healthy meals.

Grocery Visits

Guided grocery store walks to help working individuals make better grocery shopping decisions.


“The belly rules the mind”

– Spanish proverb.

I am a certified healthy cooking coach who has been sharing the joys of healthy eating since 2020. I have personally lost more than 90 lbs and experienced the feeling of regaining my health and vitality through healthy eating only. I won the trust of various corporates and governmental departments to deliver talks and workshops around my cause. My programs are tailored to create strong bonds between your team members, while influencing and educating the pillars of healthy eating.

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I am an active member of:

American Culinary Federation
American Culinary Federation
Culinary Federation (Canada)
Culinary Federation (Canada)
Emirates Culinary Guild (UAE)
Emirates Culinary Guild (UAE)
San Francisco Professional Food Society (USA)
SF Professional Food Society (USA)
Slow Food International
Slow Food International

Latest recipes

Sweden’s famous meatballs

60 min | Medium

Mediterranean Zucchini Casserole

60 min | Medium

Egyptian Whole Fried Fish (Sayyadiah)

2 hrs 40 min | Challenging

Greek Celery and Feta Soup

70 min | Medium

Pecan Mug Cake

15 min | Easy

Egyptian Tahini Salad

30 min | Easy

Karkade – Arabian spiced Hibiscus tea

2 hrs 30 min | Medium

Charmoula Carrot and Grapefruit Salad

30 min | Medium


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“A recipe has no soul. You, must bring soul to the recipe.”

– Thomas Keller


Foster team relationships..

Team connections and relations are important to any organisation. Through our programs, we focus on fostering team relationships not only within our workshops but ones that can continue within the workplace.


Create memories..

It is important to us that we create a long-lasting impact on our clients, where memories can be made. Food brings us all together, our recipes and cooking class techniques allow for memories to be made outside our programs with family and friends.


Unique recipes..

Cooking inspiration can be difficult when we are comfortable in the routine of our daily lives. We want clients to feel inspired by our range of unique recipes and we know they will change how employees think and feel about food forever.

Uforgettable activities..

Changing your health and lifestyle is a process that should be fun and uplifting. We have designed our activities to be fun and unforgettable so employees not only want to make the change for themselves but a change in their lifestyle.

Collected from around the world,
with all the unique tricks.

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Make cooking a fun activity
and prove that healthy eating isn’t difficult

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